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Commissioned, Summer 2017. by Hannahdoodle100 Commissioned, Summer 2017. :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 3 0 Battle at Dinas Emrys by Hannahdoodle100 Battle at Dinas Emrys :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 12 2 Aurorae Dragon Sketch by Hannahdoodle100 Aurorae Dragon Sketch :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 24 0 Revisiting Winged Humanoids by Hannahdoodle100 Revisiting Winged Humanoids :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 3 0 Fictional Cartography Practice and Improvement by Hannahdoodle100 Fictional Cartography Practice and Improvement :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 2 0 Pegasi duo by Hannahdoodle100 Pegasi duo :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 7 3 Pegasus - Touchscreen practice by Hannahdoodle100 Pegasus - Touchscreen practice :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 7 1 Melanie With Scythe Lineart by Hannahdoodle100 Melanie With Scythe Lineart :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 2 0 Melanie With Scythe WIP by Hannahdoodle100 Melanie With Scythe WIP :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 1 1 Melanie idea by Hannahdoodle100 Melanie idea :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 1 0 Phoebe, Wings outstretched by Hannahdoodle100 Phoebe, Wings outstretched :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 3 0 Enfys Mid-Transformation by Hannahdoodle100 Enfys Mid-Transformation :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 1 3 Secret santa 2015 Sailor Christmas by Hannahdoodle100 Secret santa 2015 Sailor Christmas :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 3 0 Grug on the run by Hannahdoodle100 Grug on the run :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 4 1 Grug - Four Seasons by Hannahdoodle100 Grug - Four Seasons :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 9 4 Sunna by Hannahdoodle100 Sunna :iconhannahdoodle100:Hannahdoodle100 6 0

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United Kingdom
Well, To be honest I'm just a 18 year old who loves drawing.
I would consider my style to be fairly realistic and I personally prefer to draw mythical creatures and people. The majority of my work are digital drawings using Photoshop, although i am open to other mediums.

If you like my stuff and want to donate points the link is here ->…


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Commissioned, Summer 2017.
Sold: £250

To be honest, the lighting when i took this photo isn't the best, as its making the piece much oranger than it actually is. This piece was commissioned and i'm very happy in how it turned out.  
Battle at Dinas Emrys
Acrylic & Pen

This piece is based off of a welsh myth relating to King Vortigern and Merlin. In the Myth, King Vortigern wants to build a castle on the hill Dinas Emrys - but every night the hill shakes, and the walls crumble. His advisers tell him to sacrifice a fatherless boy to stop the shaking, and so one is found and brought to them. However, the boy (who is in fact Melin) tells Vortigern to open up the hill - which he does to find two dragons sleeping at the bottom of an underground lake. They wake and battle one another, with the Red Dragon eventually defeating the white. 

The piece was created for a competition at a local gallery - i apologise for the glare, as this photo was taken after the piece was hung within its frame, so while i've tried to edit out the worst of the glare, some still remains 
Aurorae Dragon Sketch
Oh wow it's been absolutely ages since i last drew a dragon... I finally sketched a decent-looking Aurorae Dragon though (i know, i'd thought it were impossible) but here we are. - This is my most current design for it, and it is subject to change as i'm not fully sure about those wings yet. 
Revisiting Winged Humanoids
... okay well for some reason the description on this changed... not sure when that happened.

Anyway, for this i'd been thinking about my winged humanoids design for a few months, and finally came to this design which is inspired by Bat wings (due to their acrobatic ability) and Pterosaur Wings (because pterosaurs boast the largest flying creatures). 
d'you know one thing i absolutely hate... and this is probably going to sound like I'm whingeing... No feedback whatsoever... No 'That's good' or even criticism. Seriously i'd love a bit of criticism once in a while. its just annoying because when you create a piece of artwork you usually want other people to see it, and lack of feedback makes you think that for some reason people just aren't interested in your work. It's extremely irritating...

Admittedly I'm not the most social person ever, however i am extremely disappointed whenever i post a piece of work and practically nothing happens... *sigh* does anyone know where im going wrong?


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